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“Managerial experience with leading shipping line and trades for more than 13 years.” At ONEWORLD, We promote and nurture the pioneering spirit of man in our continual quest for growth .We believe excellence is a continuous process of striving to do better. To that end, we mobilize all our resources to deliver high-quality services, through continuous Innovation, to make our customer’s vision a reality.

We are committed to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, commitment, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships, with suppliers, Vendors, professional associates and customers. We strive to contribute to the sustainability of our global environment through an emphasis on sound profitability and corporate social responsibility in delivering high quality services.

The key to our business success and the enduring client relationships that we enjoy is all about caring for our employees and putting them first. We train our employees and develop them through a continuous learning process — all with the ultimate goal of doing a better service to our customers, second to none in our industry.

Chairman and Managing Director,
ONEWORLD Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
E mail : oneworld@oneworld-india.com
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"We are thrilled to be a Succesful Branch owner of Mumbai from glorius two years. Being the official logistics provider,an integrated one-stop solution to deliver consistently high quality services to meet all logistics needs. for"

ONEWORLD as an official Freight Forwarder for Many other Branches too.

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