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Over Dimensional & Heavy Cargo

We offer specialised handling and transportation of odd dimension and heavy cargo. Movement of heavy cargo from port to port and door to door between all global ports with roll-on/roll-off facilities is undertaken in one piece where possible to save on dismantling costs.

We have a team of experts to handle gigantic cargo. For general dry cargo we can arrange for lift on/lift off cargo handling.

Our ability to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our valued customers is based on the experience of our staff and the desire to provide true quality service.

Service Highlights:-

  • Complete Supervision by Experienced Professionals
  • Vessel Chartering
  • Specialised Equipment

E mail : oneworld@oneworld-india.com
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"We are thrilled to be a Succesful Branch owner of Mumbai from glorius two years. Being the official logistics provider,an integrated one-stop solution to deliver consistently high quality services to meet all logistics needs. for"

ONEWORLD as an official Freight Forwarder for Many other Branches too.

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